Custom Boat Wraps Make Your Boat Stand Out From the Crowd

Whether you want to promote your business, personalize your marine vessel, or protect your boat from the elements, custom boat wraps make your boat stand out in the water. As a leader in screen printing and graphics services in Stuart, Florida for over 25 years, Sky Blue Graphics creates one-of-a-kind wraps for boats of all sizes.

Our experienced designers can work with you to envision a stunning design that reflects your unique style. We offer various vinyl films and colors to bring your vision to life. Some popular wrap options include

  • Vibrant graphics that make a bold statement
  • Subtle solid colors or patterns
  • Striking images of nature scenes or your favorite sports team
  • Your company logo or catchphrase for promotional wraps

No matter the theme, our precision cutting and expert installation techniques ensure a buttery-smooth, long-lasting finish. Whether you want others to notice your boat or keep its factory look pristine, a custom wrap from Sky Blue Graphics is an affordable way to showcase your personality and protect your investment.

Contact us today to schedule a free estimate and start planning the custom boat wrap design that will turn heads on and off the water. We look forward to helping your boat stand out!


A Variety of Wrap Designs and Colors to Suit Any Style

When it comes to customizing your boat, we at Sky Blue Graphics want you to feel inspired by the limitless possibilities. Our designers have created custom vinyl boat wraps for every style imaginable, so you’ll find the perfect look.

Whether you prefer something bold to attract attention or a subtle accent to enhance your boat’s natural beauty, we have high-quality vinyl films in stunning colors and patterns. Some popular choices include solid colors like navy, black, or white. These classic hues never go out of style and complement many boat styles.

For those seeking something more vivid, consider a two-tone or multi-colored design. Vibrant shades of teal, red, or yellow paired with complementary accents allow your personality to shine through. Graphics like waves, anchors, or maritime scenes printed across the whole boat also make a splash.

Of course, many of our clients like to showcase their love of a favorite sports team or alma mater. Striking graphics featuring logos, mascots and school colors are a fun way to represent your allegiance. We’ve even wrapped entire fleets for local universities to generate school spirit on the water.

If you operate a small business, promotional wraps can be a cost-effective way to gain exposure. Large-scale designs with your company name, phone number and a catchy tagline will catch your eyes wherever your boat docks. Don’t forget to include your website URL for an easy online call to action.

For those who prefer something more scenic, we can print breathtaking landscapes, underwater seascapes or aerial shots of beautiful destinations across your vessel. Vivid murals transport passengers to a tropical beach or mountain lake.

No matter your style, we have a wrap design tailored to you. Come visit our studio to browse samples and discuss your vision. Our experienced designers will help bring your creative ideas to the next level.

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Long-Lasting Protection From Harsh Sun Exposure

Boat owners in Stuart, Fl know all too well the damaging effects of constant sun exposure. Over time, UV rays can cause fiberglass or gel coats to fade, crack or even peel—leaving your pride and joy looking worn out. While regular waxing helps, it’s a never-ending chore. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a barrier that protects without all the maintenance?

That’s where custom boat wraps come in. We use only top-of-the-line 3M vinyl films engineered to withstand intense heat and harsh rays for years on end. The thick, durable materials block over 99% of UV light, preventing sun damage beneath. No more worries about fading colors or deteriorating surfaces ruining your boat’s look.

Instead of worrying about a sun-faded gel coat, you can relax and enjoy your time on the water. The wrap acts as a resilient shield, keeping the elements at bay. No need to wax constantly or spot-treat problem areas that appear. Harsh cleaners and brushes won’t mar or scratch the surface either.

Plus wraps seal out water for an added layer of protection. Should a storm roll in, you won’t have to stress about moisture seeping in and warping wood or metals underneath. The barrier also protects against airborne pollutants and bird droppings that can damage surfaces over time.

Our clients consistently rave about how wraps maintain their boat’s pristine condition year after year with little maintenance required. Just a quick rinse with a garden hose is usually all that’s needed to remove surface dirt. With proper care, your wrap can last 5-7 years or more before needing replacement.

So if keeping up appearances is a priority without all the elbow grease, trust the experts at Sky Blue Graphics to outfit your boat with a long-lasting wrap. Give us a call today to discuss your options!

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Show Off Your Personality or Promote Your Business

Your boat says a lot about who you are – so why not customize it to reflect your unique style or brand? With a custom wrap, you can turn heads while expressing yourself or getting your business noticed.

We’ve helped countless clients showcase their fun-loving personalities through bold designs. Maybe you’re passionate about music festivals and want to wrap your boat in trippy psychedelic patterns. Or maybe you’re an avid surfer looking to showcase ocean waves and palm trees.

We’ve even wrapped entire boats like giant rolling billboards for bands touring the coast. From head-turning album art to colorful lyrics, their mobile marketing made quite the splash. You could do the same with your favorite sports team or cause too.

Of course, promotional wraps are also hugely effective for local businesses. After wrapping the fleet of a major resort, their boats became virtual mobile ads plying the Intracoastal. Guests who spotted them were more likely to book their next trip right there on the dock!

Small businesses see great results too. One client wrapped his airboat for gator tours with his number and website in a large retro font. Bookings skyrocketed once people recognized him puttering around the marshes.

Whether you run a marina, charter service or waterfront restaurant, your wrapped boat can become a floating billboard. Include your phone number, address and social media handles so customers can easily look you up. It’s like having a mobile marketing department on the water!

So express your unique flair or grow your customer base with a custom wrap from Sky Blue Graphics. Your boat will become a conversation piece that also promotes your brand – a win-win in our book! Contact our team to begin your custom wrap project today!

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Boat Wraps Make Your Boat Stand Out

Why Choose Sky Blue Graphics For Outstanding Boat Lettering Services?

We all know boats don’t come cheap. So it’s only natural to want to preserve your investment for many seasons of fun to come. With regular upkeep, a well-cared-for vessel can retain a high resale value down the road too. A custom wrap is an easy and affordable way to protect your pride and joy.

Rather than stressing about scratches or fading, you can relax knowing the wrap is safeguarding the pristine condition underneath. No more nail-biting each time a careless dockhand ties up or kids clamber aboard. The durable vinyl skin takes the abuse so the boat’s factory finish stays flawless for years. 

Peace of mind allows you to maximize your time out on the water making memories. Instead of constant cleaning, throw your lines and let loose! Harsh cleaners, bird bombs, and airborne fallout that would normally damage the gel coat simply wipe away from the protective barrier. 

Some of our clients have even reported their wraps extending the life of their boats! By shielding against UV rays and the elements, the structural integrity of the hull and decking is preserved much longer with minimal maintenance. 

Whether you enjoy cruising the intercoastal with family and friends or hosting lavish sunset sails, custom designs add personality and panache to your boating adventures. Turn ordinary outings into memorable experiences as others admire your unique style from shore or passing boats. 

So protect your boat and budget when installing vinyl boat wraps from Sky Blue Graphics. Give us a call to discuss bringing your vision to life and enjoying improved protection for seasons of worry-free boating to come!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do boat wraps typically last?

Our wraps are built to withstand years of sun, salt and waves. Properly maintained, most clients enjoy their design for 5-7 seasons. Of course, factors like storage, washing frequency and exposure all play a role. Our 3M materials are top-rated to last through thousands of hours in the elements.

What is the process for getting a boat wrapped? 

First, we’ll hop aboard to take measurements and photos of your vessel. Then our designers will work with you to envision the perfect wrap. After approval, we meticulously cut and applied the vinyl using only the highest-quality 3M films. The whole process typically takes 1-3 days depending on size. We ensure every detail is flawless before launching you back in the water!

How much does it cost to wrap a boat?

Pricing varies based on size, but we strive to make wraps affordable while using only the best materials. This protects a major investment while adding real curb appeal and it’s far less than a new paint job! We offer free estimates and flexible financing too, so contact our team today.

Can boat wraps be removed if I want to change the design later?

Absolutely! One of the great things about quality vinyl wraps is they can typically be removed in one piece, leaving no adhesive residue behind. This means you can change up your look as often as you like. Just give us a call if you ever want to spice things up with a new design!

Will a wrap protect against scratches on the boat’s surface?

You bet. The tough, flexible vinyl skin acts as a barrier to prevent scratches and abrasions from marring the boat’s gelcoat or fiberglass. Minor scratches on the surface of the wrap are easily buffed out too. Think of it like a plastic seal for your vehicle – keeping the factory finish pristine.

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Sky Blue Graphics is your leading custom graphics solution to promote your business, protect your vessels and set yourself apart from other boat owners. Not only do we offer incredible one-of-a-kind custom boat wraps, we also create indoor and outdoor signage, banners, flags, vehicle wraps, boat lettering and more. So if you’re ready to add some flair to your vehicles, gain customer attention, show pride in your home team or create a flag to add to the ambience, give our team of graphics experts a call today.

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Michele Canney
Very professional with competitive pricing. Our van wrap was completed on time and looks fantastic. I would recommend Sky Blue Graphics to others.
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Camila Coletti
This business is amazing for all printed marketing needs! Skylar is awesome to work with. Really patient, gets back to you quickly and gets the job done in great timing. We have worked with him a couple times and never disappoints. Thank you Skylar & Sky Blue Graphics for all your help!
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Lee Vaz
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Todd Collins
I highly recommend Sky Blue Graphics. We used them for a new name on our sportfish boat. The work was incredible. Great quality and very responsive.
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william mahoney
Great owner. Straight forward , personable, customer service in the way it should be. Wish their were more more.
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Tonya Pinkerton
Skylar does amazing work! He is professional, friendly and reasonable. I have had him wrap 3 of my work trucks, and design and print shirts for my company! Top notch customer service. Thank you for helping our business thrive and look sharp.
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John Klein
Great job! Super nice and communicative and would definitely recommend!
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Great job On surf and turf landscaping of Martin county Logos .highly recommended Fair pricing too
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